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Summary of Transformation Rules

Several of you have requested a summary of all the transformation rules…

Here you go! You may want to rewrite some of them to make more sense to you. I’ve also made these available as a Quizlet deck.

Translate a units right/left and b units up/down
(x,y)\to (x+a,y+b)

Reflect across the x-axis
(x,y)\to (-x,y)

Reflect across the y-axis
(x,y)\to (x,-y)

Rotate 90º clockwise about the origin
(x,y)\to (y,-x)

Rotate 90º counter-clockwise about the origin
(x,y)\to (-y,x)

Rotate 180º about the origin
(x,y)\to (-x,-y)

Dilation centered on the origin, scale factor of k,\ k>0
(x,y)\to (kx,ky)

You’ve also learned through your homework that a reflection across the line y=x looks like
(x,y)\to (y,x)