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Quizlet challenge!

I’ve added a deck of vocabulary terms titled Transformations that tie strongly to our current math class task. If you haven’t already, please join our class on Quizlet by clicking here or the link at the top of every page. This will take you to our class page on Quizlet.

Spend some quality time studying the cards instead of playing Candy Crush Saga and earn some bonus points. I’ll also add 1 point to the 6 weeks average for the fastest hand at completing the Scatter game. The time to beat is approaching 5 seconds… Get your game on!

I added some terms to the Transformations deck based on some missing vocabulary. I’ve also added decks for angle relationships and equations/inequalities. Finish the Learn option for any of the three sets, and you can drop a daily grade. Finish all three, and one of those dropped grades can be a zero.

Playing with Wolfram Alpha

Explore MathDon’t forget that you now have a great calculator available to help with your homework. Start developing familiarity with  it now, and you’ll be much happier in a few years when you’re studying trigonometry and calculus and really need help visualizing those crazy functions!

You can find some examples and tips on the Wolfram Alpha site in the resources section of this site or by clicking here.

Here comes the STAAR…

UpdatesThe math STAAR test comes on Monday. Y’all are prepared! I see great confidence in the work you do, and expect to see some fantastic results!

Several of you asked for a breakdown of questions. I found the Grade 8 Mathematics Blueprint which more or less lists that. It does say there will only be four griddable questions. Sorry I can’t offer anything more specific. Get plenty of rest this weekend and try not to worry!

Quizlet: Do you Quizlet?

UpdatesI’ve created a Quizlet class that you may join where I’ll occasionally post sets of flash cards you may use to practice new math vocabulary and test yourself with problems.

If you already have a Quizlet account, just click on this link to find the class and join it. If you don’t already have an account, when you click, you’ll need to sign up before you can join the class. You may want to have a parent help you sign up.

There are Quizlet apps available in the iTunes Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. You may also interact with Quizlet on the website.