Thanks for a great year… Probably time to drop your subscription

Thanks for a great year of mathematical learning at Travis. I really enjoyed getting to borrow your kids for an hour a day, and I think we all learned a lot!

It’s probably time to unsubscribe from notifications from this blog unless you’ll be sending another 7th grader to me this fall.

If you really really really enjoyed having me teach your child about the finer points of math, I have a project on Donors Choose that’s in the final hours of a matching grant, and I certainly won’t complain if you choose to donate. I attended the Computer Science Summit at UT Austin last week, and have some great ideas to migrate computer science out of the lab and into/along-side/in conjunction with other curriculum. That’ll be a lot easier with a little more technology that lives full time in my classroom.

If you do choose to donate, your contribution is full deductible as the site will explain. If you donate enough, you’ll even have the option of a handwritten thank you card!

Donation Link

Please have a fantastic summer. I’ve already heard from some of my  (now former) students who found my picture hung on a wall at UT Dallas…