Test Review and Take Home Question

You should have received the take-home portion of tomorrow’s exam during class today. If you did not, here is your copy. Remember:

  • You may not discuss this with anyone.
  • If you forget yours, you may download one from the website, but you may not e-mail or text anyone to ask for one.
  • You may not ask any questions.
  • You must read it on your own, find resources to help you on your own, and provide all solutions on your own.

The exam will be scored as follows:

  • 11 multiple choice worth 4 points each (total of 44)
  • 34 fill in the blank worth 1.5 points each (total of 51)
  • Take home question worth a total of 10 points
  • Total of 105 possible points

Click to download the Take Home Question

Review for the exam is at:


Use the room code: itisdunn

Work through the review outside of class, write “I did the review again on my own” below the date on your test tomorrow, and if I find your name in the list of students that completed the review, you get 2 points added to your test score.

If you can’t access socrative, here is a PDF of the review.

Socrative Transformations Review