ACP Review

I’ve pulled a set of review questions for the ACP. Please work through these between now and your test date. If you don’t understand how to work any problem, please ask BEFORE you take your test!

I’ll post solutions to the questions at noon on Saturday. The solutions guide should help you see how to get the correct answer. If you don’t understand why the correct answer works for any question OR if you want/need the solutions before Saturday, e-mail me.

2016 Fall ACP Review

Test Review and Take Home Question

You should have received the take-home portion of tomorrow’s exam during class today. If you did not, here is your copy. Remember:

  • You may not discuss this with anyone.
  • If you forget yours, you may download one from the website, but you may not e-mail or text anyone to ask for one.
  • You may not ask any questions.
  • You must read it on your own, find resources to help you on your own, and provide all solutions on your own.

The exam will be scored as follows:

  • 11 multiple choice worth 4 points each (total of 44)
  • 34 fill in the blank worth 1.5 points each (total of 51)
  • Take home question worth a total of 10 points
  • Total of 105 possible points

Click to download the Take Home Question

Review for the exam is at:

Use the room code: itisdunn

Work through the review outside of class, write “I did the review again on my own” below the date on your test tomorrow, and if I find your name in the list of students that completed the review, you get 2 points added to your test score.

If you can’t access socrative, here is a PDF of the review.

Socrative Transformations Review


Week of December 5, 2016

Math this weekThe last week of new material for 2016! You’ve almost made it half way through! We’ll finish our study of 2D transformations by representing dilations algebraically, using dilations to model measurements, and combining multiple transformations into a single-step algebraic formula. Bring your thinking caps!

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