Math Test Scores are Posted

7th graders took the first test of the 6 weeks today (covering material from the end of the previous 6 weeks). Scores range from perfect (a near record number of perfect scores) to zero. Those students who scored below 80 will need to have their test papers signed by a parent and arrange for at least 1 day of tutoring per 20 points below 100—For example, a student scoring a 40 would need to attend at least 3 tutoring sessions. Tutoring is available EVERY morning from 8:00 until 8:30 and most Tuesday through Thursday afternoons until 4:05. Once you have returned the signed test and arranged for tutoring, you may schedule a retest.

This test was very straightforward with no tricks or surprises. I hope it was a wake-up call to many of you that you may need to study for tests rather than just propping your eyes open during class.

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