Welcome class of 2018 Timberwolves!

It’s time for a new year of Math! That means there are probably a few parents out there that will want to drop their subscriptions to updates to this page and some new ones that should definitely sign up for updates.

Help your students avoid forgetting everything they knew. I’ve set up some crucial practice on ck12.org for our rising 7th graders.
I’d like you to join my CK-12 class:
2016-17 7th grade math
Joining my class allows me to share content with you and keep track of how well you do on your CK-12 practice assignments.
To join:
1. Go to www.ck12.org
2. Click Join to create an account, or Sign In.
3. Click Groups.
4. Click Join a Group.
5. Enter code: 5lh7f
You can also join the class by using this link:
Once in the class, you’ll see the assignment which is a review of fractions. If students take 5-10 minutes each day to work through 10 problems correctly, they’ll be in great shape for the start of school. This is a topic they last worked with early last year, so many of them may be a bit rusty.
We’ll be using this site throughout the coming year for opportunities for extra practice. Here’s to a successful school year! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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