Rating Your Weather Forecast 2016

ProjectsThis 6 weeks, students are studying probability and statistics. How fortunate, then, that we can use the crazy weather of north Texas as the backdrop for this project.

Students will collect data in the form of forecasts each day for 14 consecutive days. They will then verify the actual conditions of the days they found forecasts for. As students learn how to analyze data, they will devise a method to score the forecast they chose.

The intro document for this project and rubrics for data analysis and the final presentation are all below.

Predicting The Weather Forecast

Data Analysis Guide and Rubric

Final presentation rubric

DateItem DueWhat you turn inWeight of grade
2/26/2016Select forecastA piece of paper with your name, your partner's name, the forecast source you will use, and the data points you will collect (at least 2)1x
2/26/2016Data collection formA piece of paper with your data collection form (see sample in packet). Your form should be created using Excel or Google Sheets or some other spreadsheet program1x
3/8/16Data check #1At least 1 week of forecast data should have been collected1x
3/22/16Data check #2At least 2 weeks of forecast data and *some* actual data1x
3/28/16Complete set of raw dataAll forecast data and ALL actual conditions recorded in a typed form. 2x
4/6/16Data AnalysisComplete typewritten data analysis including 3-400 word essay, typed dataset, and student-created rubric to score weather forecast. All work must be created individually.2x
4/14-15/16PresentationsProfessionally designed poster or infographic with all required elements and a prepared presentation for the class. Students must create their posters/infographics individually, but will prepare their presentation as a group.3x

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