A couple of outstanding examples…

… from the Back to the Future project.

It’s really exciting when students stretch their minds and talents to produce highly communicative work. In addition to these samples, I’ve received a number of excellent skits, short stories, a song, and a movie trailer. The eighth grade team has a lot to look forward to next year.

Emilie du Chatelet provides instruction on obtaining safe drinking water
Emilie du Chatelet provides instruction on obtaining safe drinking water
An overview of the scenes in the Emilie du Chatelet Diorama
An overview of the scenes in the Emilie du Chatelet Diorama

A video featuring the retrieval of Stephanie Kwolek…

7th Pre-AP Math ACP Preparation

Early BirdIn addition to the Blueprint I posted yesterday, I’d like to add a set of sample questions that are linked to the areas targeted by the ACP. I know that we teachers spent months learning how to read these standards, so it’s probably not reasonable to expect students and parents to decipher them. It’s easier to read the math standards than the history standards, though…

2015 Spring ACP Review Sheet

This document will map the questions in the review to the standards on the Blueprint.

2015 Spring ACP Map

Blueprint—Math 7 Pre-AP ACP Semester 2

When you’ve taken the time to go through the review, check your answers here:

2015 Spring ACP Review Answers

Be ready with your areas of concern for Wednesday through Friday of next week.

Exam 2 Reminder

UpdatesIt’s test time again… The bad news is, it’s test time. The good news is, there’s not a LOT of new material, so it should be an easy one!

Don’t forget that to make the test easy, you must prepare. I highly suggest going through the review material once again, either through Socrative (use room: rudunn) or by downloading the pdf.

Exam 2 Review


UpdatesI need to take a moment to say how proud I am of all my math students for doing such a great job on yesterday’s exam. I had two classes where no student made a single error! All students showed exceptional understanding of the material. I hope this trend continues throughout the remainder of the year!

Do take a moment to check parent portal. I know that there are many trips and activities as the year winds to a close, and some assignments seem to be forgotten. I’m always willing to work with students to ensure they have sufficient time and resources to complete assignments.

Finding net worth

Math in the newsIn class yesterday and today, students spent some time exploring the net worth of companies as we prepare to explore personal net worth.

Take some time to discuss stocks at home and look through the net worth of some companies that you own stock in or are interested in.

In class, we used the Google Finance site, but you may want to use the information provided by your brokerage since it may provide better explanations of the terms used in the reports.

If you need help finding a report, remember to search for a public company, click Financials, and then Balance Sheet. You should wind up with something like this: Statement for Apple (Click on Balance Sheet). Continue reading Finding net worth

Exam 1 Review

Early BirdCan you believe it’s already time for the first test for this 6 weeks? The schedule is pretty tight as we near the end of the school year. I expect everyone to do really well, as you all have shown exceptional facility with the material during class practice and explorations.

I’ll open up the quiz on Socrative after school today if you want to practice. You can also download the review material. If you’re in band, you’ll need to take the test on Wednesday. The rest of you will take it during your normal class time on Thursday.

Socrative Quiz (Room: rudunn)

Review Materials (PDF)