Back to the Future!

ProjectsSome mysterious but benevolent time travelers have come to visit our class. They have a mission for us! The first due date will be next Tuesday. Sign-up sheets to claim your historical figure will be posted outside Mr. Dunn’s room at 8:25 am.

Dear Students

A group of benevolent time travelers attempting to right some wrongs in the timeline have found themselves trapped here, in our time, with only enough resources left to make one final round-trip into the past.

Their original mission was to solve all the major problems on earth in their time. Among those problems are several that began to appear in recent earth history, including declining bee populations, lack of renewable energy sources, lack of clean water supply, and lack of unbreakable cryptography systems to protect commerce and banking.

Unfortunately, a mis-calibration of their device caused them to run dangerously low on resources, stranding them here in Dallas in 2015. Due to the mishap, they lost many of their notes from their mission. They also lack sufficient resources to travel far enough forward to return to their time to resupply. Thus, they need your help!

Your mission is to review the list of mathematicians, scientists, and engineers from the past that the travelers know how to locate. You will identify the contributions these mathematicians, scientists, and engineers made. Then, you will determine which of the four modern problems your targeted individual would be best suited to solve given their skill set and prior accomplishments. You will need to consider the shock the individual may encounter when being transported several hundred or even thousand years into the future. While you may be able to argue for alternative problems to solve, the list of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers is limited by the information the travelers were able to save following their mishap. They cannot make the calculations to retrieve any other historical figures than those found on the list.

Your task won’t be easy. You’ll need to develop a clear understanding of what your targeted individual accomplished and/or was studying. From this, you’ll need to decide which modern problem the individual is best suited to work on. You’ll need to argue that the person you have researched is the best one to complete the task. Your classmates will have the opportunity to vote to determine who the travelers go back in time to retrieve.

Please help the travelers complete at least a portion of their mission. They are counting on you!

Here’s a PDF with all the information:

Back to the Future Guide and Due Dates

Due dates will be:

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