5.2 Writing Linear Equations from Tables

HomeworkIt’s time for more practice in finding equations for lines! Yesterday, you practiced writing equations from situations. How can you extend that knowledge and skill-set to find linear fits to data in tables? Can you write your equations without graphing first?

How can you apply your recent calculator skills to check your work? If you need help in setting these problems up on the Nspire handhelds, see Mr. Dunn before school or during lunch.

Practice problems for this section (Due at the beginning of class on Wednesday) are:

9, 12, 13, 15

The Science of Luck

Math in the newsAre you lucky? Good luck? Bad luck?

Before we move too far away from our discussions of probability and statistics, consider this. Is there such a thing as luck, or is luck just something you think happens because of how you perceive the world around you? Does your brain control your luck by preventing you from seeing things around you or making some things more apparent?

Popular science investigates the science of luck in this article.

So what do you think? Is luck real, or can everything be explained away by science?