INtro to Trigonometry notes

Here are the notes from the intro to Trigonometry. You may copy them, but the notes you use for the test MUST be in your own writing. You can’t just print this out and paste it in your journal.

Congratulations on getting a head start on the next stage in your mathematical education!

You may want to review the following videos about the unit circle and some special values for the trigonometric functions.

Nothing But Net 2019

Project Guide 2019 (click to download if you lost yours)

Your project must be turned in no later than February 14th. After that date, late points will be assessed. No projects will be accepted for any reason after February  22.

You may turn your project in along with your self-score sheet beginning February 1 for 1 point per school day turned in early (up to 10 maximum if you turn it in on 2/1. To turn it in early, you must get a parent to verify your self-score.

Project Guide 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mr. Dunn

Week of November 5, 2018

This week we will earn the “I can call it a function” badge as we learn that linear relationships are functions and see function notation. We will explore the definition of functions, test for functions, and compare functions.

MondayIdentifying FunctionsGreen6.1: 8-145.3
TuesdayDescribing FunctionsGreen6.2: 6-126.1
WednesdayCompare FunctionsGreen6.3: 9-14, 176.2
FridayExam 3-1